What Are the Different Security Options Available For Business

Business Security Options

Business security is a necessary investment to protect staff, equipment and assets and to deter theft and vandalism. Security is not as expensive as you may think with alarm monitoring from as little as $1 per day and basic alarm systems starting from around $1,000. There are several factors involved in determining what is the best security system for your business and a good security company will complete a site evaluation prior to recommending the most suitable option for you.

The best security systems involve a combination of staff training on security procedures and the utilisation of the latest technology. Below are some of the security options for your business.

1. Access Control

An access control system monitors the movement of people around a building while also maintaining a log of the people who enter and exit via the doors. The system includes an identification device, for example, picture identity card or PIN or electronic tag to access the premises. It may also include “readers”, such as proximity, magnetic stripe or most commonly keypads. Most modern office buildings are fitted with some form of access control for security purposes.

2. Alarm Systems and Alarm Monitoring

Alarm systems are a popular method of protecting business and combined with alarm monitoring can be an effective way to protect your premises from potential security threats. It also gives you a complete record of the openings and closing in the building and whatever has happened while you were not there. Back to base alarm systems are monitored by a 24 hour, 7 day per week control centre which is alerted to abnormal access or alarm activation. Alarm systems and monitoring are suitable for all businesses large or small.


Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) involves the installment of a monitor at a certain locations internally or externally of the business for security purposes. Cameras are available in colour or black and white, fixed position or over pan-tilt. The over pan-tilt cameras are easily manipulated by an operator in the control room who can monitor the surroundings. CCTV can deter external and staff vandalism and theft. CCTV is suited to retail outlets and businesses at a high threat from vandalism or theft.

4. Security Guards

Duties security guards can provide include loss prevention, customer service, retail security, investigation services, cash collections, ATM servicing, mobile patrols and crowd control. Security guards are often a strong detterent and preferred by businesses at high risk or requiring immediate intervention. Security guards provide benefits to industrial sites, retail outlets, clubs, pubs, banks, hospitals, universities and larger office buildings.

5. Biometrics

The use of biometrics involves identifying a person using a unique characteristic, for example, fingerprint, retina, face or voice recognition. This is an increasingly popular option as the technology is becoming more affordable as it is very difficult to manipulate. Biometrics are suited to high security businesses and government facilities.

Your business may benefit from one or a combination of a number of the above security measures. If you are considering reviewing your business security or upgrading your security system then contact TJM Security on 1300 766 070. We will undertake a thorough site inspection prior to providing a tailored security solution for your business.

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